Sunday, July 25, 2010

Girl Time

A couple weeks ago Jordan's Mom and I had some girl time planned. We were all set to go to West Virginia to take a bike ride on the C&O Canal trail. It is a path that goes all the way from D.C. to PA. Its a great trail where you can camp along the way. We were really excited and then it rained like crazy the night before and when I checked the weather in the morning it looked like more rain so I suggested we reschedule; which later was a big disappointment because it turned out to be a beautiful day!
Oh well, instead we decided to paint pottery. It was Carol's first time at a pottery painting place which made it lots of fun! She really liked it and now she has her own special mug to enjoy.

And I have a fun serving tray

Always good to have some girl time, thank you Carol.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Date Night...and a Bear

Jordan and I most often get some time alone during the weekends. Most often I either plan something extra fun for dinner or we go out to eat. Then we usually finish up the evening with a movie either from netflix or we go out to the movies. We love movies! But needless to say we are doing a lot of the same. So we decided that each week we would take turns planning our "Date Night" this was the first week and Jordan planned it for us. We started out by getting some take out from Tropical Smoothie and then drove up on the Skyline Drive to the Visitors Center. There we chose a nice spot in the grass to enjoy our dinner while lounging in our Crazy Creek chairs. It was so much fun to get away and do something different.

Then after we finished up with dinner we took a little hike in the woods. It was so fun to get out in nature and unwind after our yummy meal.
Now for the Bear part. Right when we were finishing up our loop Jordan says to me, "Deb stop for a minute. " So of course I instinctively try to speed up because I'm guessing he saw a bear, this area happens to have a lot of them...lucky me. Turns out there was a cub to our right and Jordan was wisely trying to see where the mother was before moving on and he wanted to get a picture of it :) Well as my heart was racing I did my best to slow down and remain calm I am happy to say we did not cross paths with the mom.

Here is the baby bear running off.

Hooray for Date Night!!
Now I get to plan for next week :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Fabric Stash

I have a little obsession with fabric. I am on JoAnn Fabrics mailing list so I often get coupons for 40-50% off a single cut of fabric or anything that is not on sale already. Sometimes I use those coupons to add to my fabric stash. I am very happy to say that JoAnn's has been getting a little better fabric selection which has been nice. There are some great websites out there too but sometimes its hard to really tell what the fabric looks like without seeing the design in person. I have so many projects that I want to start and some that I have strayed away from (yes I mean the quilt...sorry Mom I will be getting back to that soon :)!).
I have recently been given the awesome opportunity by my Mother-in-law, to set up a table with some of my handmade goods and an event she is hosting. I'm really excited this will be my first try at selling some of my jewelry and I was thinking of making some purses as well. It is in September so I will need to create a lot in the next couple months. I have debated for awhile about starting up an ETSY site to sell some handmade treasures but I really just haven't had the time to devote to it. I keep thinking I would start one once I became a stay at home Mom....which I can't wait for that day! Maybe this will give me a jump start on doing that...who knows what could happen.
Back to my fabric stash; here are some pictures of some of it. I recently got some fabric with these darling birds all over. I can't wait to use them for something!

Also here are some fun eye masks I recently finished. For our anniversary Jordan bought me this awesome book, "Sew Liberated, 20 Stylish Projects for the Modern Sewist". This was one of the projects, I modified what she did because I wanted to use patterned silk instead of solid. The silk fabric makes them so nice to wear. The inside is filled flax seed infused with lavender essential oil so they smell divine.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Feast for the 4th

I always enjoy coming up with a menu for holidays. Jordan has lots of studying to do right now so we didn't have any extravagant plans for the 4th this year. This was the perfect time to make a fun meal; it gives me something to do with all my time and keeps us home for studying. It wasn't hard to come up with the menu because I got it from a cooking show...of course :)
Last week I was watching, 5 Ingredient Fix, and Claire Robinson was doing what she called a "Passport Picnic." It was a Mediterranean menu and right away I knew I wanted to make these recipes soon...what better time but the 4th of July?!

On the Menu:
Lamb Sandwich

The only ingredient I couldn't find was ground lamb, maybe if we lived in a bigger city I would have. I used ground beef instead. The ground beef patties turned out great the mint and feta really gave them the Mediterranean taste. The Fresh cucumber salad was so wonderful; the honeydew melon with the cucumber was a great match and the jalapeno and red onion really set it off with a nice punch of flavor then the Greek yogurt made it nice and creamy! The Israeli couscous was delicious. The crunch from the pistachios and the sweet chewiness of the apricots were the perfect textures; also I love pretty much anything with scallions in it. These recipes were a huge hit with Jordan and I. You should try them all out for sure.

Summer Bounty

Summer is the time for lots of yummy veggie bounty.
We had a couple over for a game last week and to enjoy a wonderful strawberry rhubarb pie (any dessert with rhubarb is my tangy and delicious). As a gift they brought with them some summer bounty. They have a friend who is growing some zucchini and they had lots to share. They brought us quite a large one; so I felt that I needed to try something new with this summer goodness. I have heard of zucchini cakes but have never tried them. I went to google and typed in zucchini cakes and tons of recipes came up I went with THIS one, very simple and I had all the ingredients. They were done in a flash and so tasty we just ate them plain. I'm sure they would be quite good with some sour cream and scallions on top as well.

Thank you Aaron and Maddie for this amazing zucchini!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Girl Can Dream...

I'm in love... with a cookware set and I must share it with all of you.
I love watching several different cooking shows that air on the Food network channel and I have noticed that each of them have something in common. They all use the same pot by Le Creuset. So after seeing these pots so often while amazing meals are being created it makes a girl want one. The other day I was printing off some recipes from the food network website and I happened upon this beautiful set in a wonderful Caribbean blue color...yes in love. Most of my kitchen is filled with red; which I like as well and it seems that most kitchen items are available in red which is why I have so much of it. I am getting a little tired of all the red and would like to add some splashes of colors from the turquoise family which seems to be harder to find; so it was nice to see this set in this color!! Now its time to save up!

Do you have any reviews on this product to share??