Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer Obsession

Berries have been my obsession this summer. We have enjoyed berry picking twice this season so far. First we did some blackberry picking and today we picked some red raspberries....yum. It's so fun to pick them in their natural environment even if it does mean getting a little prick from the thorns every once in awhile. Growing up we had blackberry bushes all around our house. It was awesome all during the month of August as we got to pick our own berries, my favorite way to enjoy them was atop vanilla ice cream. Although ice cream is still one of the best ways to enjoy them I am broadening my options. When we picked our blackberries they were still a bit tart for eating plain. So I put them in a sauce pan, sprinkled on some sugar and added a couple tablespoons of water then cooked them till they were bubbling and changing color. I had some plain Greek yogurt in the fridge (for another recipe) and it seemed like it would work. I have to say this was a match made in heaven. The thick and creamy texture of the yogurt is complimented by the intense flavor of the blackberry sauce and I ate this pretty much every day for breakfast that week. I also made a blackberry cobbler which was tasty as well but it didn't compare to the Greek yogurt and blackberry sauce...just thinking of it is making my mouth water. Now I get to find yummy things to do with these raspberries!!!