Monday, March 8, 2010

There is a First Time for Everything

I am excited to share with you two very fun things that I have tried in the last two weeks.

1. I had Sushi for the first time...unless you count the California roll...This was my first raw sushi experience. I loved it! I always thought I would get the gag reflex as soon as it hit my mouth so I never would try it. As years have passed and I continue to meet more and more people who really like it I decided that next time we went to a Sushi place I was going to try some no matter what. Last weekend Jordan and I went out to a place called Mimosa's. There I ordered the Vegas roll which had salmon, cream cheese and avocado; Jordan ordered the Mimosa roll which had tuna, eel, a few other things and topped with caviar. I ended up liking his more but they were both really good and so fun to eat!

2. This past weekend we went Cross Country Skiing!! It was so much fun! Before this weekend the only snow activity I had ever experienced was tubing. For several years I have wanted to try Cross Country Skiing but it has never worked out. We went with Jordan's parents who have gone 4 times this season and love it; so they showed us the ropes. The whole day was gorgeous, full of sunshine and beautiful views. We can't wait to go again next season.

It's so fun to try new things!