Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Breakfast For Champions!

I will be posting a picture of this later. I happen to be at work right now with nothing to do, because of the snow none of our patients are coming in...but alas we are here. Why is it so hard to get a snow day as an adult??? I sure do miss snow days :)
I figured since we are so slow I would work on this post now and then post it later at home so I could add the picture but I accidently posted it early and I don't know how to take it off. So if you read this early come back later tonight to see the yummy picture, it will make your mouth water.
In my February Martha Stewart issue there is a section on healthy snacks. As soon as I saw this particular one it screamed BREAKFAST to me. I have already had it twice this week for breakfast and it is awesome, I made it for Jordan too and he loved it. I happen to LOVE breakfast and I'm always looking for new options to switch things up and this has been a great addition to our breakfast choices.

All you need is:

Whole Wheat Pita (I used the pocketless kind)
Ricotta Cheese
Sliced Almonds
Black Pepper

The balance of flavors is perfect and the crunch of the almonds really makes the dish stand out.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yummy Recipe and New Kitchen Stuff!!

I just can't pass up sharing this recipe with you all. I made this for part of our Christmas dinner. Jordan and I got to visit my family out in WA this year for Christmas, it was so nice to see my parents and great friends :)
Before we left we had a little Christmas celebration just the two of us. I did a surf and turf menu...yum.

The recipe I want to share is Nona Luna's Rice. It is so amazing I even made it for my parents when we were visiting and they love it too. Give it a try! It is a very tasty and satisfying dish. Also Jordan bought a special drink called "Christmas Soda" it was fun, kind of a spicy drink.

Also...thanks to my Family and Friends our kitchen has become more equipped with fun things. So thank you!! Here are some pictures of our wonderful new kitchen goodies.

I am cooking up a storm with all these new additions!!