Sunday, April 25, 2010

Time to Rearrange

As a young kid I would frequently rearrange my room. I always enjoyed a fresh new look to my room and loved to reorganize. Since I have grown up so has my furniture. Instead of my twin bed and skinny dresser I now have a Queen bed and and very long dresser. So it seems there is only one way our room can be. I started thinking about other rooms in our apartment and our Living room came to mind. I began visualizing all the ways I thought our furniture could fit. Our living room isn't huge but for some reason we didn't feel very cozy in it and it didn't feel like a good conversational layout. Whoever was on our chaise lounger felt ages away from whoever was on the couch. One day a rearrangement idea hit me and although I wasn't positive it would all fit well, we gave it a go...and loved it!! Jordan and I were so excited we wanted to spend more time in this room. It felt fresh and new even though it was the same furniture.

Here are some before shot's. It's tough to get the whole room in one shot but here is an idea of how it was set up. The couch was facing the fireplace, which is not shown in any of the pictures. The chaise lounge was on one side and the TV is on the other side of the fireplace.

Here are a couple shots of how it is now! Our couch faces out our window/door to the deck, which is a wonderful view to look out at. Also with the rearrangement we feel closer together as well as feeling like a more conversational space. The new arrangement even gave room for a lovely new storage ottoman we bought, which provides easier access to our board games! Check it out.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


It is fun giving gifts especially when they are a little homemade. My brother recently got married! I'm excited I have a sister now and I am very excited for my Brother too:)
I wanted to get her something special and I have had friends in the past who gave this kind of gift to their soon to be sisters so the idea came to mind. I got her a necklace with two tags one is round and has her new initials on it and the other is rectangle and has their wedding date in it. I found the necklace on etsy at this store. Then I went out and found a beautiful yellow bead (since yellow is her favorite color) and added it also I got some extras and made little earrings to go with. It was so fun to mail to her. And their wedding was beautiful!!
Here is a picture of the finished product