Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New To Me

This summer I have found some great finds to place around our home. I have taken a couple trips to Lynchburg and stayed with my friend Carrie :). Both times we went to various places downtown, one being the famous Estate Specialist stores and I got great deals. We even stopped by a yard sale. It's always exciting to see what you might find that you can re-purpose from what someone else doesn't want any longer. Most of the pieces are white, as you will see I just love that white milk glass that is found in a lot of second hand stores or antique stores. My friend Natalie definitely gave me a new found love for white decor, it is so simple and pleasant.

Here are my finds.

This is a picture of my friends Carrie and Susannah who came to stay with me while Jordan was in Nicaragua...we had so much fun. My finds are the two mini vases which I found at a yard sale. The little flower was made by a child in Nicaragua and given to Jordan :)

This white piece was actually placed on top of the blue vase above which was actually a perfume bottle so I separated the two. The pear candle I found at the Farm Basket in Lynchburg which is a great shop.

On the left is a pinch bowl which I have used many times already for both prep work and serving, the piece on the right is on display above our kitchen cabinets.

On the left is a beautiful dark teal jar which is also on display above our cabinets. I found this at a yard sale which was on the side of the road when we went hiking 2 weekends ago. Also we got these amazingly yummy yellow tomatoes.

I saved the best for last...these are vintage Pyrex from the 60's and I am beyond in love with them. As you can see, they have a little aqua farm family printed on them. I love aqua! I found these at a little store in Woodstock, VA called, Three French Hens. Its is a wonderful store filled to the brim with fun finds and every week they have sale colors and if you purchase something in that color you get 20 % off! She has several other pieces I want. Also I found a matching butter dish on Etsy!!! Needless to say I'm pretty excited.

I hope you enjoyed my summer finds :)